Swim Coverup/Wicker Chain/Isola Filicudi, Italy/Death Comes to Pemberley/Vanilla Bean Biscotti

Happy Friday! I am sharing my FRIYAY 5 today which is a combination of my 5 favorite things from the week whether it is fashion, design, beauty, travel, home décor or a book!

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Swim Coverup

I love this swimsuit cover up. I am always self conscious about my legs so I got this skirt a little oversized so that there was no gap in the fabric. I love wearing this to the pool because it gives me so much confidence! It was a little long on me but I am only 5’4″. I have worn it 3 times up to the pool and it has held up after washing. I did dry it the first time hoping it would shrink a little in the length but I have mainly let it dry on my rack.

Wicker Chain

I just got my wicker chain in the mail and I love it. Below I have a picture of it on my coffee table. I am still trying to decide if I want to keep it on the coffee table because my son says it is in his way! He thinks the entire family room is nothing but a playroom for his army men. Either way I love it and have already thought of so many fun ways to style with it.

Isola Filicudi, Italy

I love to research travel and new places for our family to visit. My husband does not like crowds so when I saw this island, Filicudi which lies northeast of Sicily, I knew this would be a destination he would enjoy. I found some great articles about island but my favorite description was on the Visit Sicily website…”little wild and worldly, ideal for those looking for the intensity of the essentials and who love unpolluted nature. The three population inhabited centres of Filicudi are: Filicudi Porto, Valdichiesa and Pecorini a Mare, joined together by a very picturesque street. Livelihood here centres around tourism and the cultivation of capers and figs, which are the basic ingredients of the local cuisine.”

Death Comes to Pemberley

I adore Jane Austen and I went through a phase where I would read anything that even attempted to imitate her work and style. I however would not recommend a lot of these books to others because in all honestly most where not that great. I however would recommend this novel. I like that the author did not try to recreate the story but instead just took well know characters I love and used them in a genre I adore…mysteries! I also appreciate PD James writing style. My favorite PD James book is Mistletoe Murders. This is also a three part mini series that aired on Masterpiece and is currently on amazon.

Vanilla Bean Biscotti

My daughter and I made this delicious recipe the other night and we just had to share it! The recipe is super easy and the end result is so fantastic! If you have ever had the already made version wrapped in plastic and did not like them then give this recipe a try! Homemade and fresh is no comparison to the premade. Below is a picture of the batch we made. You can tell we dripped the icing over the entire biscotti instead of having it all in one bite. My kids dipped their biscotti in tea and chocolate while my husband and I enjoyed them with our morning coffee.

I hope you enjoyed my weekly picks! Have a great weekend!


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