Quick Easter Brunch Savory Strudel

Quick Easter Brunch Savory Strudel

This is the easiest Brunch and Breakfast recipe I have ever made! I created a version that my entire family loves using all their favorites! The best thing about this recipe is that you can adjust it to suit your own taste. You can do eggs with ham, cheese and onion or a smoked salmon version with red onion, cream cheese and capers. The options for this versatile recipe are endless. I like to serve this dish with a fruit salad or a fruit board with a honey cream cheese dip. I have also done a wonderful cheesy hash brown side with this recipe but I find a lighter side usually works best. This is a recipe I use all year long especially when I have guest visiting. I hope you and your family will enjoy this recipe as much as we do!


1 Sheet Puff Pastry

7 eggs (1 for egg wash)

5 slices bacon

1 Cup of Cheese

  1. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Scramble your eggs adding in salt and pepper to taste. Move eggs into a mixing bowl and set aside. Cook your bacon until crispy and crumble into the bowl of eggs. Add in cheese and mix.
  2. Prepare your puff pastry by laying it out on a floured surface. I like to use my rolling pin to make the pastry a little longer and wider. Then I cut 3 inch stripes around the edges of the puff pastry leaving enough room to put your egg mix in the middle. See image below.

3. After I cut the strips I place the egg mixture in the middle of the prepared puff pastry. Then take each strip and lay it over the egg mixture so that some stripes are overlapping each other. See the picture below.

4. Take your remaining egg and whisk it with a tablespoon of water. Brush the top of the strudel with the egg wash and bake for 15 to 20 minutes or until puffed and lightly brown.

Hope you and your family have a Happy Easter!


Easter Tablescape

Easter Tablescape

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One of my favorite things to do is creating tablescapes for every holiday. Our kids are huge fans too! My older niece and nephew would never admit it but I suspect they like it as well. It makes the occasion feel special and adds to the holiday which has been especially helpful this past year. We have not had our traditional holidays with family like so many others so I have tried to make the smaller gatherings feel special.

My idea for this year’s Easter table started with this beautiful light blue table throw and napkins. I am more prone to table throws than I am to tablecloths. I prefer a layered look so adding this plaid throw to my white tablecloth really elevated the table. Of course the gorgeous bunnies from Pottery Barn were a must. My mom and I found these cute stone bunnies and knew we could not leave the store without them. The little guy laying down was my favorite and my daughter went nuts when she saw him. I knew she would love him as much as I did. I already had the Great White Dinner plates from Pottery Barn which I use as my everyday plate. These plates are large and durable. They’ve certainly endured the beatings from my kids and still held up well. I would also recommend the soup bowls in this pattern because we get so much use out of them. They work great for salads and pasta dishes too.

One recent Saturday shopping trip my daughter and I took, we found these cute corn husk eggs and wood egg holders. We tossed them both in our cart immediately since there were so few left. My daughter loves hard boiled eggs so I have a feeling she will insist on using the egg holders often throughout the year. I have been eyeing these beautiful rattan placemats but they were too pricey so I was happy when I found these great alternatives for only $6. On the same Saturday shopping trip my daughter also spied the cute bunny ear napkin rings. Since I knew the napkin rings would work perfectly with all the other items we’d purchased for our table, I caved and bought them as well. I enjoy our shopping trips because it gives us time alone to catch up from the week. Unfortunately my daughter inherited my addiction to all things pretty so we have trouble controlling ourselves.

I always add something organic to my table and since I went a little crazy with flowers for the house this Spring I decided to just use some greenery. I got this garland but had to add some sprays so that it would look lush! I will share my Easter Flowers and décor next week so come back and take a peek!

I hope you guys enjoyed our Easter tablescape as much as we enjoyed putting it together! I have individual pictures below of each item we used in creating our table so click on the image and it will take you directly to the websites.


A Few Easter Decorations Around The House

A Few Easter Decorations Around The House

Holidays in our house are sacred and my daughter will not let me miss decorating for a single one! I actually love decorating our home for the Holidays so I never mind. Every year we slowly add one holiday piece so that we have built up quite the collection now.

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In our family room we added a cute egg with a blue leaf design on it. We purchased it at Hobby Lobby and I have linked it below. However, it appears they are sold out online. I did notice plenty of stock in our store. So if you are interested in it you could call your local Hobby Lobby. I also bought the burlap carrots from Hobby Lobby a few years ago and they still carry them. Again, they are sold out online but I saw plenty at the store. One thing that caught my eye was the cutest gingham carrots that come in both orange and black (linked below as well). Lastly is this cream weaved planter for my fern. I simply love ferns! I have to admit this one is fake but I do have tons of living ones since it is one of the few plants I can actually keep alive.

My mom and I were recently in Houston and stopped by Ikea. My mom had never been to one of their stores so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I bought the glass dome for such a great price and it was the perfect size for my favorite Lux candles (I like the currant thyme scent best)! I have a true addiction to coffee table books and I especially love ones with pattern. I got the blue print, Living with Pattern after I purchased the fun leopard print, Glamorous Rooms coffee table book. They look great when I stake them together.

I love ginger jars! I actually have quite the collection but I inherited my love of ginger jars from my mom who has a larger collection than I do. I always like having something on my Kitchen Island so that it does not feel bare. I got this gold mirrored tray at World Market a few years ago and have found other great trays that are similar. I bought these two ginger jars a few years ago from Home Goods so again I linked some great beautiful ginger jars below that are all very reasonably priced. On our shopping trip to Ikea mom and I also got this cute white vase and a set of small blue bowls. I am sure you are all aware of what great prices Ikea has but we were surprised at how much of the home décor we loved! I added in some cute Easter touches with the eggs and salt shaker bunny! Of course I had to add in some blue hydrangeas because I always love a touch of pretty! I mixed in both a light blue and a dark blue stem.

I did this DIY Color block Vase a week ago but if you missed it click here for the details. I just love this vase with the white tulips so when my daughter and I saw these super cute bunnies we knew we had to get them! They are wood and there are imperfections which I think gives them character. From the images online I thought they were going to be a little bigger.

And of course I have to keep my Stone Bunnies from Pottery Barn out for the season. I already had some real Magnolia Stems I cut off my tree but I added in some faux Floral Stems to give it a more Spring feel. I got these great stems from Michaels at a much better price then a lot of online stores.

I hope you enjoyed our Easter Tour and find lots of fun décor for your home! I linked everything below so just click on the image and it will take you directly to the websites.




I love creating the perfect Easter basket for my kids every year but sometimes coming up with ideas is a challenge. So I gathered together lots of fun ideas and have broken them down by age and gender. I hope some of these picks will help you create a special basket that your kids will love!

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I have three nieces that are teens so this was an easy list to compile. I did ask them for a little help with some of the ideas so it is all “teen” approved. In my family we always get bathing suits for Easter so I have carried on the tradition with my own children. The swimsuit inspired some of my other choices too including the super cute beach towel!



I have always found it difficult to find gifts or happies for teen boys. I picked everything out then had my nephew give me his stamp of approval. I definitely got a lot of Nos but we were able to come up with a pretty good list of ideas. Some of the items are a little more then I normally spend on Easter but as they get older everything they want cost more!



I love getting gifts for the young ones in my life! They remind me of the excitement and happiness of childhood. My son loves the build a beast! It is a plastic Skelton that you add a clay like substance to in order to create your own unique shark. It is not a hard clay so my kids found it easy to mold. I do not know if it is just my son but he thinks poop is the funniest thing ever hence the Pooping Candy Chicken!!



Buying gifts for my daughter is always the best! She appreciates all gifts no matter how bad they may seem. She not only loves getting gifts but she enjoys giving them as well. She will go nuts for the bunny light because she still get scared of the dark sometimes and it is super adorable! We can never have too many markers or crayons in our house since both my kids love being creative. And of course I had to include a bathing suit. This is the first year my daughter will get a bikini so she is super excited!

I hope you enjoyed my selections! Have a great week!