We finally came to an agreement on the throw pillow and blanket situation. Personally I think we both won! I purchased a duvet set that was really soft and comfy. My nephew does not even realize the shams are more decorative then functional so he sleeps with them. Now that he doesn’t classify the shams as throw pillows I was able to add two more pillows. Happy Aunt and happy nephew! It probably helped my case that the leather pillow from target is very soft and squishy so he can comfortably lay on it. As you can tell I kept his bedding simple and relaxed so he can easily make it up himself. If you cannot tell from the pictures my nephew’s favorite things in life are football, gaming, history and more football. I found these great prints of the LSU’s stadium and surprised him with them.

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The Chair! I have absolutely no problem with this chair. I love the color and it is so comfy. The leather is soft and broken in but this chair is HUGE. It may not look it in the pictures but trust me I had a time moving it to that corner. Not only is it huge but for some reason my nephew wanted it in the center of the room. When we built the desk and added in the dresser I had to rearrange everything so it would fit and this is when I took my chance…I shoved it in the corner and said nothing. Surprisingly it is still in the corner so fingers crossed.

Overall, I am pleased with how his room turned out. The room is an expression of who he is and gives him a space that is all his. Every detail of this room is about him and for him which is why this is one of my favorite projects. I think allowing our kids the freedom to make their own choices is wonderful even if it is as simple as designing their own room.


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