Summer Grilling

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I am sure you have noticed how much I love creating different tablescapes, whether for a holiday or just an everyday meal. I think a beautiful and fun can add so much to the enjoyment of an everyday meal. Whenever I feel myself getting in a rut from the everyday routine I just bring out my favorite plates and linens then add some flowers and candles. It always does the trick. I used all things I already owned except for the placemats and napkins which are a new purchase from amazon.

I think a tablescape is never finished with out some flowers (fresh or faux) and candles. Since we eat outside often I buy these Pillar Citronelle candles at Target. I used my new favorite Vase which I made using a little navy spray paint and some painter’s tape. The flowers are fake since this was a last minute idea but I think they still look beautiful.

My husbands always enjoys grilling and my daughter’s favorite is barbeque chicken. Brandon does a simple mix of spicy mustard and molasses on the chicken prior to grilling. Once on the grill he puts the chicken over direct heat for 15 to 25 minutes. Once he moves the chicken off the direct heat he baste the chicken with BBQ sauces and lets cook for another 30 minutes. Once he removes the chicken from the grill he covers then chicken and lets it rest for 5 to 10 minutes. Brandon’s favorite barbeque sauce to use is Lillie’s Smokey BBQ which I purchase at Fresh Market. his chicken turns out perfect every time. My favorite veggie to grill is corn and since my kids love it too we often do this combo for dinners.

Hope you enjoyed our Summer Tablescape and Grilling ideas! I have linked some of the new purchases below so just click on the image and it will direct you to the website.


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