I love to read and there are not many genres I am unwilling to try but I am currently passionate about cozy mysteries. I started with Louise Penny and from there have expanded my range into all types of mysteries and crime novels. Below I have three great reads for those of you looking for a good book!

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This is a great book! I would recommend it to those who love a good mystery or for anyone who likes historical fiction. The series centers around Matthew Shardlake who is a lawyer during the reign of Henry VIII. The first mystery is set at the monastery of Scarnsea during the period in which Henry VIII has ordered the dissolution of all the monasteries. This is actually a time in history which I have never been that drawn too but this series has definitely changed that for me. I like the moodiness of the period and the setting is perfect for a mystery novel. Matthew Shardlake is one of my favorite type of characters. He is flawed but not in the traditional “English detective” way. He is physically handicapped but has a keen mind. I could not recommend this series enough!



I tried this series out because it was set in Iceland which is a destination on my bucket list. I enjoy books that allow me to escape to an entirely different place. I was hesitant when I saw the series name, Children’s House Series, but the crime does not center around children. The relationship the author develops between Detective Huldar and child psychologist Freyja really has me hooked on this series. I like seeing a relationship develop between the individuals working to solve the crime instead of jumping in after years of partnership. I also appreciate that even though these are dark crimes the books never leave me feeling moody.



I always enjoy a cozy, British mystery. Especially ones set during the Regency Era. Throw in a Duke or an Earl and I am hooked. I will say this book did not get strong reviews from fans of C.S. Harris who writes in a similar style and setting. I have not read anything by this author but plan to do so soon. There is a romance to the series which I thought was good but there were some historical inaccuracies and the writing is not always at its best. Having said all this I do not think this is a bad book and even still recommended it to my sister with reservations.

Hope you find something that peeks your interest. Enjoy!


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