Watermelon Mimosas

I do not usually decorate for Memorial Day but I do like bringing out some Red, White and Blue pieces for our table. We usually grill for Memorial Day. This year I am making Watermelon Mimosas to celebrate. It is the simplest recipe ever pour a brut Champagne 2/3 of the way and top remaining 1/3rd with the watermelon juice. If you prefer a little sweeter drink then I would suggest making the Simply Watermelon juice that has sugar but if you don’t prefer your cocktails sweet there are watermelon juices that are 100% watermelon juice. I get our watermelon juice at Wholefoods because I do not like sweet cocktails. We had some raw oyster while trying out our watermelon cocktail. Our entire family loves oysters so I grabbed these wild caught Gulf Oyster while I was at wholefoods. I hope you have fun plans for this Memorial Day!

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