Beach Reads

If you have not already noticed I love a good mystery novel even better if it is part of a series. But there are times when I want to try something different. When I am at the beach I often choose something light and fun to read. Below I have reviewed some of my favorite beach reads. I hope you see something that peeks your interest.

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by Jenny Colgan

I adore Jenny Colgan’s books because they are always great for a fun light read. If I am ever getting down I can always count on one of her books! I also love her books because many of them involve baking which is my second love! My husband can always tell when I have read one of her novels because I will be in the kitchen baking after I have finished reading. This book does not center around baking which is good for my waist line. It is a cute love story set in a small Scottish town and in London. As always, Jenny Colgan does such an incredible job describing the quaintness of the town so that I want to move there immediately. This is a quick read that is great for a sunny afternoon.


by Alice Ross

This is my idea of a perfect quick and light read. It is short and sweet! This book combines all of my favorite things…motherhood (with a sense of humor), reading, cooking, the Cotswolds, intimate group of new friends and a love story in the background. I must worn you Alice Ross leaves you hungry for all things Italy and longing for a cottage in the Cotswolds!


by Sarah Addison Allen

Sarah Addison Allen is another one of my favorite authors. She takes an ordinary small town and adds a touch of magic. I am not usually into books that have “magic” but Sarah Addison Allen does such an amazing job of creating a subtle almost believable magic that I can never put her books down. This book is not as light hearted as her other novels but is still a good read. It starts off with a death but the ending leaves you satisfied and whole again. I grew up going to lakes in the summer so this book hit close to home and brought me back to my own childhood. If you love a good book that will make you cry and then laugh this is the pick for you.


by Liv Constantine

I am not usually a “thriller” reader but I saw a review on another blog and decided to give it a try. It is suspenseful. I did find that I figured out the “twist” fairly early on. But I am glad I kept reading because the author throws in a fun more twist and turns to keep you glued to the book. This is definitely a moodier book so if you are looking for something light than this may not be it. I did actually read this at the beach but I was glad I had all that sunshine to help brighten my mood. The book ends on a happy note which is important to me. I either want a happy ending or one that leaves me feeling content.

Happy Reading!


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