Easter at the Grand Hotel

Our Easter family tradition for the past few years has been to go to the Grand Hotel in Point Clear, Al. Our kids love how special the resort makes the holiday! While I was collecting pictures for this post it made me smile to see our kids growing and enjoying a place that has become so special to us. We started going to the Grand with the kids for the first time in 2014.

Roland loved the pool from the age of 2 and its only gotten better with the addition of a splash pad. There is also a fantastic water slide that both of our kids adore. It is not so high that the kids get scared but high enough to offer a thrill that would keep them busy all day. The kids also love that everyday at 3 o’clock all the kids in the pool are given complimentary popsicles. My husband and I also enjoy the pool. There is a no entry portion which makes it so much easier with the little ones. When the kids were younger they could easily splash around right in front of us while we relaxed in the comfy chairs. The pool also provides a food and drink service so you don’t even need to leave for lunch! I highly recommend any one of the very tasty frozen drinks. Private pool cabanas are available to reserve but we’ve always preferred the beach cabanas.

We do spend a lot of time at the pool but I am a beach person. So we usually split our time between the two. I love getting a beach cabana because there is a little refrigerator that they fill with drinks and fruit. Also, when my kids need a little down time from the sand and water they can lay on the couch and rest. There is also services at the beach cabanas for drinks and food which is great! Its not all water and sand toys at the Grand’s beach either. They provide kayaks, waterskies, sailing and volleyball as well.

There really are so many different activities to enjoy that we never have enough time. The kids love riding bikes (the resort provides them), feeding the ducks at the pond, fishing on the pier, the lawn games (so many different options!), Easter basket decorating and they have a circus. The circus, which usually comes the Saturday before Easter, has a petting zoo, face painting, rock wall, popcorn, and jumpers. The resort is also covered in the most beautiful oak trees. We can’t seem to keep our kids off of them. Of course my husband and I love the fire pits with food and drink services. A favorite pass time is to sit and let the kids run around and play the lawn games while we relax with a glass of wine!

However, I couldn’t talk about the Grand without mentioning one of my favorite activities…the spa! The Grand Spa may very well be one of my favorite spas and the treatments are incredible. They even let my daughter join me for Mani-Pedis!

The final touch for Easter at the Grand, and one of our kid’s favorite parts, is the Easter Bunny tuck in. The bunny comes to tuck them in after dinner and always brings them a little treat! The end of the weekend is always a family favorite! We go to the Easter Egg hunt which is on the lawn overlooking Mobile Bay. After the kids hunt the thousands of eggs the hotel hides we get pictures taken with the Easter Bunny. There is also a professional photographer on the grounds. They normally set up by the pond and bring real bunnies! We end our trip with their wonderful brunch then head home!

I hope you enjoyed our review of the Easter at The Grand Hotel! We would love to hear what special Easter Traditions your family enjoys each year!


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