Simple Entryway Project

Happy Wednesday! Our home had a little nook at the back of our house just perfect for a locker area. We are planning to eventually add a bench and shelves but since our massive labradoodle Link has claimed this area as his own we will wait. Instead we have added a bed and dog food container for him! I actually purchased a small outdoor trash can and ordered a “Dog Food” label off of Esty to make a cute container. All the large dog food containers I found were super pricey so this was an affordable alternative. Even without the bench and shelving just having the hooks for coats, backpacks, lunchboxes, purses and dog leashes has been great for organizing our home.

My husband started removing the baseboards before I was able to get my “before” shot but you still get the before effect with this picture. If you have not already noticed I love the color navy so it was simple picking the paint color for this project. We went with my favorite navy paint, Naval by Sherwin-Williams. I am planning to use this same color in my laundry room project too!

We started the project with two, 12-foot pieces of 1″x4″ pine (pre-primed) which my husband cut to size and used for the four vertical stiles. We used cuts of 1″x6″ for the top and bottom rails. For the middle rail we used leftover pieces of the 1″x4″. The overall height is approximately 6 feet and is caped with a piece of backband molding. Once we had the materials cut we painted the wall and the wood prior to installation.

After the paint dried my husband used glue on the back of each piece of wood and nailed them to the wall. He then caulked and puttied.

We saved the original piece of baseboard and shoe molding which we painted navy and installed back onto the bottom rail. Once the caulk was dry we touched up the paint. Finally, we mounted the hooks.

If you have any specific questions about the project just contact us!


One thought on “Simple Entryway Project

  1. Beautiful finished product. I am definitely going to try this for a great place to put all of my children’s backpacks, sports equipment etc. thanks!!


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