I love to read and there are not many genres I am unwilling to try but I am currently passionate about cozy mysteries. I started with Louise Penny and from there have expanded my range into all types of mysteries and crime novels. Below I have three great reads for those of you looking for a good book during this cold weather!

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My twin sister and I are in love with the Inspector Gamache series.  It is set in a quaint Canadian hamlet called Three Pines.   The first installation “Still Life” introduces you to the family that is the Inspector and his team.  Louise Penny creates wonderful characters and settings which entices you to come back again and again.  She has created a wonderful Inspector who solves murders with intellect, patience and an uncanny ability to listen.   Gamache also quotes poetry throughout the series which makes a sometimes violent subject feel less terrifying.   I have never wanted to travel to Canada as much as after I finished reading this first book.   I love to read a Cozy Louise Penny Book curled up on the sofa with a cup of tea, a scented candle and maybe a French pastry!!!  



This book is very different from the Gamache series but just as good.  The Dry was highly reviewed which was what drew me to the book initially.  The story takes place in a small, Australian town and introduces the reader to the determined Investigator Aaron Falk.  I found the setting a little barren and depressing but surprisingly this only increased my enjoyment of the book.   Reading books set in foreign locations that are so brilliantly described by the author allows for a fully immersive experience. As cliché as it sounds Jane Harper places you right alongside Investigator Falk as he works his case. If you enjoy mysteries that keep you guessing right up to the end than this book is definitely for you.



In my opinion, a dilapidated dower house is an ideal beginning to a mystery novel.  Dervla McTiernan gives a striking description of the murder scene at the opening of the novel.  Her ability to immerse you in the surroundings so that you can smell the dankness and see the house collapsing in front of you captured my attention immediately.  Cormac Reilly is a “not so perfect” detective which I love in a good mystery series.  There are some slow parts in the book but if you like audiobooks then I would recommend listening to this book.  I listened to it on a long drive and loved the Irish accent of the reader!

Hope you find something that peeks your interest. Enjoy!


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