Happy Thursday! For the past 3 years our family has taken a trip to Colorado. So I thought I would do a series covering our 3 trips to Keystone, Estes Park and Colorado Springs. Our first family trip to Colorado was in February of 2018 to Keystone. We did not ski since the kids were young but they have since taken their first lesson and love it! We did however find plenty to do.



This was one of the best attractions at Keystone for our family. The kids loved playing at a “snow playground” as they liked to call it. There are ropes to help them climb, slides, tunnels and ramparts. We also stopped at the Summit House for a hot cocoa to drink while we played at the snowfort!


We ended up going to the Nordic Center in Keystone because our 3 year old was not old enough for the Keystone Resort Mountaintop snow tubing. Honestly it turned out better because the Nordic center was not as crowded and the hill not as intense for a 3 and 6 year old. Another nice bonus is that it is only $20 an hour per tub. The only drawback to snow tubing at the Nordic Center was having to hike back up the hill pulling your tub where most places have a conveyor lift.


Brandon and I were both hesitant to get on ice skates since it had been quit a few years for us both but we ended up enjoying it too! We went to the Keystone Lake Ice Rink and were able to rent skates and walkers for the kids since it was their first time. They also offer lessons which I wish we had tried out for the kids. We chose the Lake Rink because it is a 5 acre lake with lots of room to skate around. They did not have the entire lake cleared when we were there but it was still a very large area to skate.


Our family stayed at the Lakeshore Condos in the Lakeside Village area of Keystone. The condo was dated but clean and affordable. The Lakeside Village area is quieter and has limited restaurant options but does include a wonderful view of the frozen lake and mountains. I will say when we return we plan to stay in the River Run Area because there are more restaurants and activities within walking distance.


Here are a few things I would say are a must for a snow trip with young kids.

  1. Warm Socks. The thing about warm socks for my kids was the fit. We bought several different kinds but some of them were just so tight the kids did not want to wear them.
  2. Extra Gloves for the kids. I cannot say enough times to pack lots of gloves for your kids. Our kids ended up loosing them, getting them wet or just not liking the fit even though we tried them on in the store.
  3. Sunglasses. The kids spent a lot of time squinting from the reflection of the sun off the snow. I had trouble getting them to keep their sunglasses on. I did find these as a great solution. They stay on and the band is not too tight.
  4. Back up charger. As a rule we never take a trip without our extra chargers because I never know when a tablet or phone will die. We really like these. Of course I love it because it is gold!
  5. Water Water Water. On this particular trip to Colorado we all drank lots of water because the altitude at Keystone is higher then other places we have visited in the past. We had less problems with the altitude on our subsequent trips to Colorado than we did at Keystone but anytime when adventuring outdoors I recommend lots of water.

Riding the Gondola

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I hope these ideas and tips will help you and your family on your next snow trip!



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